All sessions are 90 minutes in length, this includes 60 minutes in the pod and time for a pre and post float shower.

Towels, soap/shampoo/conditioner, earplugs and post float complimentary tea is provided.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your first scheduled appointment.

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float sensory deprivation perth model

60min Float        $75

Cocoon yourself in comfort and calm as you float away to an otherworldly place of deeply restorative relaxation. Feel good again. Reduce stress, sleep better, feel calmer, clearer, more confident - and increase productivity. All of this is possible with floatation therapy and best of all, it feels absolutely amazing!

floatation pod fremantle.png

Intro 3-Pack        $149

  • 3 x 60 minute floats. 30 day expiry.

  • Limited to one per customer. Non-shareable.

  • Must be purchased by your first or second visit. New customers only.

  • We highly recommend initially to float three times within a short period of time to gain the maximum benefits. Many of the profound and medically backed benefits of floatation therapy come from floating regularly. Each time you come, your mind & body respond more easily, so relaxation is more immediate and much deeper.

karma 10 pack floatation sensory deprivation therapy

'Karma' 10-Pack      $599

  • Share floats with as many people as you want!

  • Perfect for Families, Groups, Sporting Teams, Companies and Gifting!