Massages can be scheduled before, after or independently of a float session.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.

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It's completely up to you whether you have your float or massage first. If physical relief is your main agenda, floating first will give your massage therapist a head start to work on any problem areas you might have so that you can really get the most out of your massage. If meditation and deep relaxation is what you have in mind you may want to have your massage first to set you up for a dreamy, nourishing time in the pod.


60min Relaxation Massage                                   $100

60min Pregnancy Massage                                   $100

60min Remedial Massage                                     $120


90min Relaxation Massage                                   $140

90min Remedial Massage                                     $180


60min Float & 60min Relaxation Massage          $155

60min Float & 60min Pregnancy Massage          $155

60min Float & 60min Remedial Massage            $175


60min Float & 90min Relaxation Massage          $195

60min Float & 90min Remedial Massage            $225



Call (08) 6113 1229 for all massage bookings