Sherron is a born & bread third generation Fremantle native, and is passionate about Fremantle community, culture, supporting small business and loves to enjoy the local beaches, cafes, & sunsets.

Sherron is passionate about Floating, and taking time out for self care, mindfulness, rest and solitude in the pod. As a highly sensitive person, Sherron has found many benefits in a regular Floating practice. Sensory restriction through one hour in the pod provides a sense of deep peace, nourishment for her nervous system, creative insights, reduced headaches, consistently better sleep quality and an afterglow mood boost!

With many years of health management experience, including running her own small business as an Art Therapist, Vibrational Essence Practitioner, Energetic Healer and Artist, she is delighted to serve and hold space for you at Float Fremantle!

‘The cure for anything is salt water, sweat, tears or the sea - Isak Dinesen



Thom has been a Freo local for 7 years now, moving here from Christchurch NZ. Thom is sharing the management reins with Sherron, promoting the Float lifestyle and all of its many benefits with Fremantle and those further afield. A patient friendly welcoming young man, Thom will be your captain and guide while journeying through Float Fremantle.

Thom’s background is interesting and varied, mostly focused around hospitality and more recently health related industries including Remedial Massage and Floatation Therapy.  Thom enjoys his leisure time living the Fremantle dream, getting a kick out of activities like kite boarding, running, yoga, dog beach walks, pottery and all the other classics.

Thom’s appreciation for Floating is growing exponentially every time he hops in the Float Pod. He is loving the intensified sense of calm during and post Float that has him quietly observing life with an inwards smile and a deep peace for days to come. He has noticed quicker post workout recoveries, reduced muscle tension and a better night’s sleep with a boost of energy the next day attributable to a simple relaxing Float.