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For me, floating is a therapy which continues to provide benefits long after I have come out of the pod! Whilst floating I’m in a state of tranquillity and love the immediate post float glow which lasts for hours. But that is just the beginning. As an endurance athlete (training 15-20hrs a week for half and full Ironman’s) on top of a busy full time job, I put my mind and body through a great deal every day. Since I started floating two years ago, I have noticed the following benefits (which increase the more regular I float) both in everyday life and within my training:

• A big release in tension and tightness especially in neck, back and legs which helps improve my range of motion and enhances my efficiency in all three disciplines.
• A reduction in niggles and injuries since floating. As a result, I have not had to go see health professionals to “fix” me, saving me a small fortune and time.
• Speeds up my recovery process on the week to week training loads meaning I can consistently train at my capacity.
• Speeds up recovery process after big races (minimal if any DOMS!!!)
• Sleep better for the next few days after a float.
• An improved ability to stay focused on daily and training tasks, rather than a wandering mind (but still a way to go).
• More relaxed in all facets of my life.

Over the past 15 years, I have tried a vast range of therapies, remedies and treatments to aid with the recovery process from training and in conjunction with good sleep and nutrition, floating has been the one that has given me the greatest benefits both mentally and physically. If only I could own a pod in my home!!!
— Mark Hunter
float therapy testimonial
Had my first float experience the other day at Float Fremantle and really enjoyed myself! Was the perfect way to relax, shake off the nerves and prepare mentally for getting on stage later (I’m a singer). I felt rested, rejuvenated, my muscles felt less sore and I had an overall feeling of calm which lasted well over 24 hours.
— Kimberley Little
Karis has been floating with us since Week 15 in her pregnancy.

Karis has been floating with us since Week 15 in her pregnancy.

Once a fortnight I go to the team at Float Fremantle for my floating fix. I consider my floats as part of my health and wellness maintenance; along with my regular Kinesiology, Reiki, Chiropractic care and Yoga. From a spiritual point of view, I feel as if climbing into the pod is like climbing into my own personal spaceship to another plain. A plain of universal oneness, of pure being. Returning to source re-energises and aligns me, so that when I step out of the pod I feel centered and supported.

From a purely physical point of view, I notice the benefits of the extended soak in the magnesium and the change in resting brain waves. The magnesium helps to heal and soothe my muscles and enables a deeper, less disrupted sleep. The change in brain waves helps me to feel focused, centered and calmer throughout my days. The team at Float Fremantle are all lovely and welcoming, I thoroughly enjoy my time spent at their special place.
— Karis Harlon